Thursday, April 09, 2015

NAVY BLUE - the song

From friend, Larry Cutrone - this message: Friends, Back in 1964 my dear friend Diane Renay had this huge monster hit " Navy Blue "! You can see Diane performing that song and others as she performs at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2003 National Convention. She was gracious enough to send this rare video performance for the whole word to enjoy! I think you'll agree this song is just as relevant today as it was back then!

Murmansk Run - A Sailor

Learning about the "old days" of escort duty with the convoys in the North Atlantic. The Anti Aircraft protection noted near the end of this video is a classic. And the "rain" from the crows nest on a clear day is so ... believable. Maybe becuase it is all true. Ivo Duvall has written several books. Some are available on ALL are very entertaining and instructive. His boyhood experiences growing up in Alaska are a treasure every Alaska lover will want to share. A BOY IN ALASKA click to find on TALL TALES - Alaska Style

AO Exposure - Shipmate finds results

NOV 2014 Recent AO Status approved for one shipmate.This is a critical event. John Hunter of Missouri invites you to contact him for some of the information that helped him get this VA status. John was on the THIRD deployment to Vietnam in '72-3. John Hunter