Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The 2017 REUNION in VALLEY FORGE is still accepting registrations.  Open the link and get to the instructions to order a registration packet or view the one online.  The staff at TIN CAN SAILORS (destroyers.org) is very helpul. AS OF JULY 18 we have SEVEN rooms reserved with our group. By teaming with Tin Can Sailors we get full benefits of the larger numbers and still get to sit together and group together on tours. We also have our own dinner planned at an Irish Pub to pass forward our Ship's Plaque for the next year's display.


HERE ARE SOME THINGS I learned by talking to MONICA today ... helpful stuff.

While we have low numbers for now - it is not a problem as TIN CAN SAILORS in total have met the room quota for the good rates. Only problem is later registrants MAY not get a room in the hotel we are in at those rates. For now there are some rooms left.

RIDES FROM THE AIRPORT - are managed by a couple of limo companies noted in the registration packet -- for about $29 each.  It is a hike. Some people are renting cars and that is not a bad idea either. Because most tours are now booked up (ask anyway) it is good to remember that those with rental or private cars in our group might take a few tour trips in the area with shipmates anyway.  There is a lot of flexibility -- and there are lots of touring opportunities in the area.

this from the information packet: (download here)
Hotel Shuttle: The hotel has a complimentary shuttle. It will take you anywhere within 5 miles of the hotel based on availability. Please call the hotel for more information.
Airport Transportation Options: The hotel does not have a complimentary shuttle to the airport. There are several companies that provide airport shuttle services. Moe's is a top contender.
Moe Taxi and Limousine - (484) 479-4758

If you have any issues arranging your transportation from the airport, please call us at (800) 2235.535.

OUR SHIPMATES will all be seated together where possible at the various event meals. We qualify for a FREE hospitality suite. We will simply stock it with our own snacks - drinks - etc. Late registrants may have to accept other seating at such events.
Obviously on tours we would group with our own shipmates. Most tours are now booked up so late registrants may need to depend on some personal or rental vehicle access for small group private touring. THE LAST thing Tin Can Sailors wants is to have to separate shipmates at the various events. It should feel like OUR PRIVATE REUNION except there are a bunch of other sailors at the hotel and at the meals.
WE ARE fortunate the burden of planning - getting deals - setting up meals and speakers and tours is OFF OUR BACKS for this reunion.  The 2018 TCS reunion will be in late Sept. in BUFFALO, NY.  I asked about next year's TCS reunion should we want to follow this path again. But is a decision we are not ready to make yet nor do we need to at this point.

2018 is 1051's 50TH Anniversary of commissioning. Some have mentioned a hope that Boston might be in the cards for that year's reunion. We also need discussion on coming back to the West Coast at some point.  It will be up for discussion online and at the meeting in August.
I will retrieve our ship's plaque from McGuire's in Pensacola in early August and bring it with me to transfer to MOLLY MAGUIRES near Valley Forge at our Tuesday dinner !