Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This is the first post for our blog. Anyone can respond to a post, but only selected members of the association will be able to make initial entries, add photos or video. All crew members are encouraged to offer material for posting through one of the blog team members. The intial set of posts on this blog contain material from association email in the past year. It is a good way to catch up on news of the association. Current news will be added after that! Our main website at remains the "go to" point for all other material or links to useful resources.


Lamont Green said...

Hi, my name is lamont green, I served on board between 10-74 to
2-75 and I had a great time, but I would appreciate it if the name of the man who served as "XO" on that ship could be fowarded to my e-mail if anybody out there is aware of as to who the man was. Here's a hint:"he was black"

Frank Tremont said...

It was LCDR Kelly, CO WAS F.W. Baily, a real but head.

Al Gregor said...

I served on the U.S.S.O'Callahan (DE 1051) from September 1968 to July 1969. At the time I was an RDC and was prmoted to RDCS aboard the ship. I remember O'Callahan as a beautiful ship compared to some of the older vessels I has served on. I retired from the Navy in June 1980 from RTC, Orlando and currently live in Elizabeth City, N.C.