Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Shipmate Story

Orville Anderson and Bill Scroggins ... A story for the blog. Note: a lot of great conversation is now taking place on our google forum for the USS O'Callahan. Enjoy!
For those of you who don't know, Orville and I know each other, although we did not serve together on the O'Callahan. We live very close to each other on the Texas Gulf Coast. We missed serving together by only a couple of weeks. We shoot together in a local .22 Rimfire Rifle Target Competition once a month. Sometime last year I was at the shooting range on a cold day and was wearing my Navy foul weather jacket (not the same one I had back then! It wouldn't fit anymore). I have an original O'Callahan Ship's Crest sewn on my jacket. I was standing behind the firing line during a cease fire and Orville noticed my O'Callahan patch on my jacket. He asked me if I served on the O'Callahan. I told him, yes, that I was a plankowner. It was then that we found out that we had missed serving together by a couple of weeks in November 1971. It really is a small world! Bill Scroggins

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