Saturday, January 13, 2007

USS Franklin and USS O'Callahan

Bob Blanchard unknowingly became part of an iconic photograph of the war in the Pacific. This video tells the story of Medal of Honor recipients, Fr. Joseph O'Callahan and Lt. Gary. These kinds of videos from Buzz Creek will soon be compiled in a "veterans channel" on More References on this event: USS Franklin (see links at bottom of article) - USS Gary and USS O'Callahan. Of note- In one of the photos shown in this video - two carriers are shown on fire. The other is USS Beleau Wood but the photo is from the prior year in October 1944 when both Belleau Wood and Franklin were hit by kamikazis. ANOTHER FRANLIN CONNECTION.

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Bob Sherrod said...

Great job on this interview. I really appreciate you sharing this piece. Very meaningful!