Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reunion 2008 - Report

The Boston choice was excellent. Using the "Y" on the old Navy Yard was a great idea and saved a lot of money. It was close to the Constitution, Bunker Hill, Restaurants and transportation. There was some discussion of Buffalo, NY in two years but the strong favorite was Nashville, TN. Capt Brown, CO for the commissioning (40 years ago) was there. A few sailors from most eras were present. See the photos link to see some of the people and sights. Joseph Allen who was the cook in his service in the ship made a superb if somewhat gruff taskmaster for the event and it is largely his and Andy Anderson's efforts that made the event memorable for us all. Tom Morrison, from California founded this organization but could not attend due to a heart problem the week before the event. He put a lot of effort into this but could not be with us. We all have high hopes for his early recovery and presence at the next reunion. A longer report will follow.

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