Monday, December 14, 2015

A Relative of Fr. O'Callahan

This was posted in our guestbook... If anyone can suggest ways to invite Richard and other connections to Fr. O'Callahan and Veterans of USS Franklin to our reunion this year (Oct 5-10 2016) let us know. ---

Date:  12/14/2015, 7:34 pm, GMT +5
Name:  Richard Yoshida
Number:  150
Just found this site. Joe O'Callahan was my uncle through marriage. His brother John was married to my father's sister Anne. I remember meeting Joe when I was quite young. He came to Montreal to visit our side of the family. It's a bit ironic that Joe's sister in law was half Japanese. My grandfather was born in Japan somewhere around 1880 and emigrated to Canada in 1896 then moved east and married an Irish girl in New Jersey. Their daughter Anne was an American and lived in Boston after marrying John. My dad was born in Toronto as was the 3rd child Rosemary.
2 years ago I visited the USS Yorktown in Charleston where I found the terrific memorial to the USS Franklin. I also remember that my aunt Rosemary attended the christening of the O'Callahan at the invitation of the USN.
Best wishes to all who served aboard.

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